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Arthur Zatarain
Engineering & Operations
Patents and Intellectual Property Analysis

Patent Evaluation:  Analysis of patents for licensing, exploitation, and infringement can be performed by a board certified forensic engineer having 15+ years of experience with patent prosecution and litigation support. Extensive practical experience in both industry and patent matters is important to efficiently analyze patent portfolios having related technical and commercial values.

Arthur Zatarain can assist clients in the areas of control systems, electrical and electronic equipment, computerized devices, and software-based inventions. Assistance can be provided as a subject matter expert (SME), investigatative expert, and testifying expert.Where required, all client contact and resulting analysis will remain confidential.

  • Pre-litigation analysis of patents and accused products
  • Patent portfolio market analysis and valuation
  • Licensing support for royalties, scope, and technology transfers
  • Patent acquisition and abandonment analysis
  • Assistance in patent prosecution and defense for other subject matter experts

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