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Arthur Zatarain
Remote Monitoring & Control
 SCADA - Telemetry - Communications
phone autodialer pipeline monitor

Arthur Zatarain has nearly 40 years of experience with a wide variety of devices, equipment, and systems related to remote monitoring and control. The systems were based on proprietary electronic designs as well as standard RTU and PLC-based systems using open architecture protocols. Communication systems have ranged from short distance wire and optical links to international connections using private and public network systems. Forensic experience includes patent matters as well as industrial accidents and commercial disputes. Sample experience and engagements include:

Remote monitoring and control requires integration of hardware, software, and communications to form a unique system tailored for each specific application. Important considerations include the physical environment, number and type of sensors and outputs, communications requirements, and system reliability. The technology continuously evolves to leverage the advances in computers, instrumentation, and communication methods.

environmental monitor scadaware RTU offshore platform

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