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Arthur Zatarain
Project Development
Solar Power Systems

Project development: Lead design and installation engineer for hundreds of solar power installations serving diverse onshore and offshore applications. Services included overall system design, panel sizing, battery selection, and physical installation design.

Most systems operated as stand-alone power generators for industrial, oilfield, and remote monitoring applications. Many systems had fixed mounts that included twice-yearly seasonal adjustment at the equinox for optimum power generation at the solstices. Some larger systems included automatic sun tracking controls to optimize power output every day of the year.

Some applications were continuously loaded and operated without a power regulator. This highly efficient design required careful matching of the electrical load to panel output and battery capacity. Most systems included an electronic regulator to prevent overcharging of the battery, and to prevent back-loading of the system at night. The battery banks used lead acid, lead calcium, and nickel cadmium batteries with system voltages of 12, 24, 36, and 48.

Project locations included North and South America, Asia, Pacific Rim, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, North and Central Africa, and the Middle East. These diverse locations required developing solutions to a wide range of problems including seagull nesting, theft prevention, difficult access and maintenance, and survival in severe weather conditions.

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