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Arthur Zatarain
Product Development
Oil & Gas Production Allocation Program

Product development: The Production Allocation Program (PAP) analyzed the oil & gas produced by comingled wells to determine the daily production from each individual well. The complex analysis prorated the total oil, gas, and water produced into a common production system. The production allocation was based on flow rates from the most recent well test data. The program calculated daily, weekly, and monthly reports for all oil, gas, and water production on multi-location ystems encompassing both productoin and injection wells. PAP also directly produced OGOR reports submitted monthly to the Minerals Management Service (MMS).

The daily production from each well was further factored by each facility's consumption of fuel gas and other on-site dispositions. The analysis also included water and gas reinjection, multi-facility blending, tank storage, and pipeline flow rate and totals. Using PAP, an operator could track and report on every barrel and cubic foot of production from every well in its inventory.

PAP was written in Pascal and assembly language comprising 678,000 lines of code (not including external libraries). The program initially operated under DOS on PC class computers, and later ran in a DOS box on stand-alone and networked Windows platforms. PAP was entirely text-based, and used hand-entered data from daily reports as well as data automatically imported from SCADAware and other data collection systems.

Program development began in 1981 and continued until approx 2007. Although PAP became somewhat "dated" as time passed, its ease of use, reliability, and accuracy kept it going despite several failed attempts to replace it with mainframe applications.

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