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Arthur Zatarain
Product Development
Electrically Operated Dowhole Valve Control

Product development:  Prototype development of the power and control system for a patented electrically operated downhole safety valve. The test installation was a gas storage well in Austria, and the functional prototype was designed to be portable among several test wells.

The primary control system used a small PLC and large battery supply to operate the valve 24/7 for one year. The valve was positioned at approximately 5000 foot depth, but the system was designed to operate up to 8000 feet. The long cable run down to the valve was made with small wire gauge, requiring increased voltage and low current to the valve components. The prototype was designed to meet European standards with a functional temperature range of -20 F to +105-F

The system was based on a portable TEST SCADAware demo RTU which provided the user interface, power measurement system, and recording capability for the tests. Continuous power for the valve was provided by a separate battery and charger system.

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