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Project Development
Data Communication Protocols & Systems

Project development: Data communications systems and protocols are used to exchange data among industrial control and monitoring systems. Numerous projects have been executed that required engineering design specification, programming, and fabrication of data communications systems and protocols.

Protocols: The data protocols commonly used in industry include open architecture favorites such as Modbus, HART, and Fieldbus. Other protocols developed by specific manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, General Electric, and TEST SCADAware were also accommodated. The common thread running through all these protocols is that they do similar things in different ways; the consultant's role often involved getting more than one to cooperate within a single communications system.

Systems: The data communication systems used ranged from direct wire to satellite, with many steps in between. (A trade show demo was once done with SCADAware using tin cans and string). An especially difficult challenge was exchanging data over comm systems that were shared with voice and fax, including some with attached answering machines. The hardware used to create data communications systems included radios, phones, data networks, fiber optics, and hardwired designs.

A sampling data communication and protocol projects includes:

SCADAware to Modbus
Flow Computer Modbus interface
Fisher ROC to A-B Data Hiway
Daniels Flow to A-B PLC
Systronics RTU to Modbus
Network DDE for various protocols
Hydril RTU to IBM Mainframe

Packet Radio to PLC
Handheld radio data interfaces
Data over offshore cell phones
Ethernet (fiber, UTP, coax)
Bently Nevada to ABB & Siemems PLC
Alph Micro to AP & UPI wire service

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