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Patent matters for monitoring and control using
wired, wireless, and powerline data communications

Several investigations for digital and analog data transmission for monitoring and control in home, vehicle, commercial, industrial, utility, and oilfield environments. These matters involved wired and radio (wireless) systems as well as optical links, networked communications, and data superimposed over low and high voltage powerlines. 

Some patents involved monitoring and control of appliances and equipment typically located in a home or commercial environment. The technology was also applicable to security and access control. These patents generally focused on the data transmission technology but also included the related data applications for monitoring, control, and security. 

remote data monitor data monitor data keypad

Other patents were specifically directed to general monitoring and control of appliances for home and commercial applications without regard to the communications path(s). These patents were generally consumer-oriented, with some provision for utility-company supervision and control of power usage for specific appliances at a metered location.  

data over power IO module for home control home control central unit

One patent group focused specifically on digital data transmission over power lines. The application was downhole (wellbore) environment but was applicable to any powerline application. This system allowed simultaneous bidirectional data transmission and reception using wires that energize submersible pumps and other equipment.

data over power patent for data over power downhole wellbore four level digital signal

The data transmission system allowed simultaneous monitoring and control of submersible equipment using a four level digital signal rather than the usual two level binary signal. The four levels were transmitted via a current loop through the neutral of a three phase wye (Y) connected power source and earth ground.

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