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Arthur Zatarain
Project Profile
Trade Secret: Gas & Liquid Flow Meters

Trade Secret:  Analysis of the disputed systems including all hardware, software, and communications systems. The flow computer packages were low power, self-contained units that operated from small solar panels and batteries in unattended remote locations. Because this dispute involved both technical and commercial issues, prior experience with the SCADAware remote telemetry systems was of prime importance.

The complete installation incorporated transducers for pressure and temperature as well as microcomputer and communications components. Turbine meters, coriolis meters, and other flow measurement methods could also be accommodated to suit each meter location. 

The analysis issues related to the details of trade secret law that spanned several states. Multiple forensic reports was produced to accommodate each jurisdiction. The analysis detailed the technical aspects of the systems as well operational aspects such as manufacturing processes, system update methods, and flow calculation accuracy.

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