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Process control systems are critical to efficiency and safety at a petrochemical plant, oil & gas production facility, refinery, and power generation station. Process control is also integral to wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and raw material production. Nearly every automated process contains some aspect of process control to maintain safe and efficient operation.

Process control systems vary from small single-purpose "loop controllers" to networked distributed control systems (DCS) consisting of programmable logic controllers (PLC), dedicated process controllers, and traditional relay logic panels. Arthur Zatarain has provided forensic engineering and expert witness consulting for process control patents and accidents, with these examples:

Arthur Zatarain can provide expert and investigative consulting for patents and trade secret matters that can benefit from an experienced process control engineer. Forensic engineering services include review of engineering designs, operations procedures, safety plans, and computer software performance. Process control component and system testing can also be conducted individually or as part of a forensic examination team.

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Process control engineering integrates the disciplines of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, often combined with computer engineering for the overall process control system. Elements of networking and telemetry communications may also used in large distributed control systems.

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