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Flood, Fire, and Storm Damage Assessment
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Damage Assessments: Equipment damaged by water, fire and storms is often assessed by an engineer having a wide range of experience and technical expertise. The engineer can work for the insurer, property owner, or any third party having interest in the matter. The evaluation may involve basic examination of the equipment and circumstances as well as forensic testing of the affected components. A technical and commercial report can be prepared to assist interested parties in "repair or replace" decisions.

The engineer's evaluation may also include an investigation into the event causes as they relate to direct and indirect damages. The engineer can produce a report detailing the equipment's pre-event status as well as its post-event condition, including an analysis of mitigation efforts by various responsible parties. Considerations such as maintenance procedures, utility connections, and other technical aspects contributing to the damage can also be evaluated to provide a comprehensive analysis of the damage extent and severity.

A comprehensive damage assessment may also include indirect costs such as mitigation expenses, loss of business revenue, and provision of alternate equipment and services. This evaluation can be done in an informal basis or as a complete expert report suitable for presentation as forensic evidence.

Arthur Zatarain can assist any party with evaluation of equipment damage by fire, water, and storms. Typical engagements have included:


Electrical / electronic equipment
Instruments and controls
Water carbonizer system
Boat engines and equipment
Power generation equipment
Network communications
Conveyor systems
Tire recycling equipment
PLC control systems
Communications & telephone
Printing and copying equipment
Computer equipment
Computer data recovery

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