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Arthur Zatarain
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Technical Publications by Arthur M. Zatarain, PE
Topic Date Publication (click to view)
Safety Instrumented Systems 2010 Don't Gamble With Your
Safety System
Intellectual Property 2009 Be Smart About
Intellectual Property
Testing Redundant
2006 How to Test Backup
and Redundant Systems
Control System
2005 Outwit Control System Gremlins
Packet Radio for Control Systems 1992 SCADA Applications
for Packet Radio Controllers
SCADAware Docs 1989-2001 TEST SCADAware
Wind Energy 1978 Economics of Wind Energy

Media & Publications referencing Arthur Zatarain
Topic Type Date Source - Title
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill BOP Article 2013 Times Picayune Article  
Safety Management Article 2004 Put To The Test
Lockout-Tagout Article 2013 Lockout-Tagout Plans
Oilfield Automation Article 1997 Automation Ensures Safety, Extends Production
Industrial Cyber Security Masters Thesis 20115 Artifically Intelligent
Industrial Controllers

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Patent Trolls mp3 Audio
1 hr
July 2011 NPR - This American Life
When Patents Attack!
Solaia Patent '318 Article Apr 2005 Solaia '318 Patent Subdued

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